I have been an accomplished Realtor for 22 years, achieving success as one of the top 10% in the industry for most of those years. I am ready, willing and able to assist you in the sale and or search of your home. And I guarantee that I will make it as enjoyable of an experience as possible for you. * I started my adult career as a 5th grade teacher. I am exceptionally proud of this portion of my life and thrilled to say my daughter has followed in my footsteps. I left the teaching field to raise my three children and run the lucrative family restaurant business. * In 1997, as a single mom, I entered into Real Estate at the encouragement of a Broker friend of mine who believed in me. He was correct. My personal and work ethics were a perfect fit. I have enjoyed the relationships that were developed with my clients and those that they referred to me. * I am told that one of my greatest strengths is the art of listening to my clients. I pay attention to their needs. I ask questions and actually listen to the answers. * My goal is NOT to sell you a home. I don't consider myself a salesperson. I AM a facilitator. I will help you purchase a home when you are ready. My goal is to have you as a client and friend for life. After your transaction is complete, I want you to honestly be able to say that I AM Your Favorite Realtor. So much so that you will remember to tell your friends about me.